Pacific Festival Ballet and California Dance Theatre

are excited to present... 







Monday, June 14 - Friday, June 18, 2021

Indoor and outdoor studios at California Dance Theatre will be utilized for our in-person classes.


California Dance Theatre

is located beautiful Westlake Village, Ventura County, CA




We are looking for talented dancers with a passion for classical ballet and other contemporary dance forms! Tiler is thrilled to be returning to her home state of California and sharing her knowledge with the next generation of dancers. Tiler's teachers were pivotal in her development and it is her dream to give future dancers the same kind of well-rounded training. Tiler, along with internationally-renowned master instructors, will be teaching in three division levels throughout the week.


Our exciting summer program will consist of daily instruction in classical ballet, pointe/variations, contemporary, jazz, and hip hop with specialty classes in partnering, Broadway heels/ballroom and choreography. Seminars by industry professionals will include injury prevention, health and wellness, and how to audition.


Celebrity master teachers include:

  • Tiler Peck

  • Gonzalo Garcia

  • Marguerite Derricks

  • Alex Magno

  • Kim Maselli

  • Charles Klapow

  • Jennifer Hamilton

  • NYCB Guest Artists

  • and many more!


Seminar guest speakers:

  • Victoria Morris, Artist Manager/University Consultant

  • Jeri Gaile, Director of the The Music Center Spotlight Program


*All teachers are subject to professional availability.


The intensive is open to dancers aged 11+ (as of June 28, 2021) in three levels of instruction:

Junior division: ages 11-14 (minimum 1 year en pointe required)

Senior division: ages 14-16

Pre-professional division: ages 16+


Tuition $675 + $20 registration fee


Application and Audition Video


Each applicant is required to submit a solo video of classical, contemporary or jazz form or classwork showing across the floor technique including jumps and turns, or one classical variation from the list below. 


Follow this link to complete the application form and send your audition video link


Girls should be en pointe wearing a leotard and pink tights with no skirt or leg warmers. (11 & 12 year olds may submit a video en pointe or on flat.)

Boys should wear a leotard or fitted white shirt with dark tights.


Please choose classical variation from the following list:


  • Coppelia (A. St. Leon) Pas de Deux and all Variations 

  • Diana & Acteon (A. Vaganova) Pas de Deux and all Variations

  • Don Quixote (M. Petipa) Pas de Deux and all Variations

  • Fairy Doll (S. Legat)

  • Flower Festival at Genzano (A. Bournonville) Pas de Deux and all Variations

  •  Giselle (J. Perrot, J. Coralli)

  • Graduation Ball (D. Lichine) Pas De Deux Variations

  • Harlequinade (M. Petipa) Pas De Deux and Variations

  • La Bayadere (M. Petipa) Three Shade Variations, Act III; Gamzatti Variation, Pas de Deux and Variations, Bronze Idol, Nikia Variation 

  • La Esmeralda (M. Petipa) Pas de Deux and all Variations

  • La Fille Mal Gardee (B. Nijinska, D. Romanoff) Pas de Deux and all Variations

  • La Sylphide (A. Bournonville) Pas de Deux and all Variations

  • Laurencia (V. Chabukiani)

  • Le Corsaire (M. Petipa) Pas d'Esclave and Variations, Odalisque Variations, Jardin

  • Anime, Act III Pas de Deux and Variations

  • Les Sylphides/Chopiniana (M. Fokine) Male and Female Mazurkas, Waltz # 7 and

    Waltz # 11, Prelude

  • Napoli (A. Bournonville) Pas de Six and all Variations

  • Paquita (M. Petipa) All Variations

  • Raymonda (M. Petipa) All Variations

  • Satanella (M. Petipa) Pas de Deux and Variations

  • Swan Lake (M. Petipa, L. Ivanov) Pas de Trois and Variations

  • The Awakening of Flora (M. Petipa) Variations

  • The Flames of Paris (V. Vainonen) Pas de Deux and Variations

  • The Nutcracker Suite (V. Vainonen) Pas de Deux and Variations

  • The Sleeping Beauty (M. Petipa) Variations of Fairies, Aurora Variations from Act I

    and Act II (under 2:30 minutes), Blue Bird Pas de Deux and Variations, Wedding Pas de Deux and Variations.

  • The Cavalry Halt (M. Petipa) Pas de Deux and all Variations • The Talisman (M. Petipa) Pas de Deux and all Variations


Or submit an adagio/grand allegro combination with the following elements:


A maximum 60 second video of an adagio and grand allegro including extensions, arabesque, pirouettes, tour jetés, and grand jetés and tours for boys.